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Personalized Integrated Massage
Whether you are well versed in massage modalities, or are just looking to relax and heal sore and tired muscles, our signature massage is for everyone. Your therapist will work with you to identify your needs. Then the therapist will customize a massage, best suited to address your unique issues. Our therapists choose with, and for you, techniques such as swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Lomi-Lomi massage, aromatherapy and heat therapy. There is no need to be overwhelmed by the lingo, just have an easy Q & A with your therapist then enjoy as your body is given the best of treatments which will leave your muscles mended and your mood relaxed.

Discounts for the purchase of multiple massage packages.

Target Massage
More targeted than our signature massage. Your therapist will work with you to develop  the best treatment plan targeted at the muscle group causing your pain.  This is a good choice for those who have long-term or chronic pain as  well as those who have jobs that stress a particular area.

Discounts for  the purchase of multiple massage packages.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy  demands so much of a woman’s body. Muscles are shifting as your baby  grows. Special care must be taken to massage a pregnant woman to avoid  pressure points that are dangerous during pregnancy. However, massage  has marvelous benefits to the pregnant body which carry to the baby of a  happy, healthy, relaxed mom. Studies show that massage can also be very  effective in keeping the muscles conditioned to aid in an easier  delivery.

Discounts for the purchase of multiple massage packages

Bodywork Rates:  $65 per hour, add-on to your one-hour massage for $35 per half hour. 

Two to a Room

This is often referred to as "couples" massage. This is a great massage to experience with your loved one. Each person has a dedicated therapist, during this 60 minute massage. The massage is performed with both clients and both therapists in our larger room, which accommodates two tables. We are happy to customize this romantically for couples, however we also suggest this massage for mother-daughter pampering, best friend dates, etc.

60 Minutes - $150             90 Minutes - $225


When you purchase one of the options offered through Groupon (One hour or A Package of Three One Hour Massages), 

Please be advised that the services you are purchasing are limited to one per client. Packages purchased are only for the customer who purchased the package, not separate parties. The massage administered for this great deal is a swedish massage with a focus on one area of your choosing. 

Pre-Paid Packages 
3 one-hour massages for $175 (save 10%)
6 one-hour massages for $331.50 (save 15%)
12 one-hour massages for $624 (save 20%)

Additional Services

Chair Massage
per minute rate

Out Call: Onsite at your location
for established clients 1 hour Increments

Essential Body Care

Skin is the body’s largest organ. Without the proper care one can run into a myriad of issues including dry, cracked, and prematurely aging skin. Without proper exfoliation one can experience ingrown hair and skin that looks duller and older. We offer this treatment of a full body scrub, a full body wrap and finishing with a luxurious moisturizer. We tailor the products used in your three step body treatment to your needs by beginning with a consultation where you will get to touch, smell and choose products from our wide array of all natural and organic products.

Body Scrub & Hydration Treatment
1 hr service

Body Wrap & Hydration Treatment
1 hr service

Body Scrub, Wrap & Hydration Treatment
1.5 hr service

Reiki: Energy Work

This treatment is a mind-body-soul experience. Rooted in Japanese tradition, Reiki addresses the body’s Ki or “life force energy.” When we are feeling low in energy or anxious Reiki can balance energy and alleviate the symptoms.

1hr session

30 minute session

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energy points in the body that can become closed and cause imbalances in our lives. This short treatment clears those blocks and opens the energy channels leaving you feeling more balanced.

30 minute session

Ear Candling

Ear candling is better than cotton swabs or even syringing because it does not enter past the opening to your ear canal. It draws the toxins and debris out. 2 candles per ear.

45 minute session

Mini Candling (1 candle per ear)


Migraine Miracle

 Cold stone and aroma therapy with massage to alleviate migraines and stop them in their tracks!

45 minute session

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